Remarketing – Why It Should Be Part of Your Digital Strategy

When potential customers visit your website and don’t make a purchase or contact, it can be for many reasons. Perhaps they were gathering data on a mobile. They could have been interrupted by a [...]

Paid Search for Local Markets

Targeting ads for local companies can be a challenge. The internet is a big place and most local companies have a finite budget for their marketing. Making every click count is essential to [...]

Google AdWords Quality Score – Professional PPC Management

One of the biggest influencers of the price you pay per click in Google AdWords (other than the competition for that word) is the quality score. This is the score works as a multiplier on your [...]

Top Three Tips for Dealing With Online Haters.

Haters can be a pain when your just starting your E- shop. Apply these top tips, and you could be well on your way to turning hateful comments into constructive criticism to help improve your [...]

Top Three Tips for Setting up a Payment Gateway.

Setting up a practical payment gateway for your E- shop is very important. It allows customers to checkout with ease and ensures good customer service. Follow these simple steps to ensure that [...]

Magento Google Product Feed and API v2

At the end of February 2015, Google finally turned off their API V1 for Google Product Feed in the Google Merchant Center. Product listings on Google AdWords often have a good return on [...]

Internet Marketing with Facebook competitions

Most companies realise that Facebook is an invaluable advertising tool. With a growing need to increase brand awareness and product knowledge among consumers, many businesses have found Facebook [...]

Managing & Blocking an IP with Magento & cPanel

If you are a Magento web store owner, you are probably used to getting multiple false orders. These orders usually originate from fake buyers, trying different credit card numbers or usernames to [...]

Magento to Google Merchant Account Trouble Shooting

We recently had to trouble shoot a Magento 1.9 website where the owner needed to export from Magento to Google Merchant center, so we could setup and run a Google AdWords shopping campaign. [...]

Google Analytics for Ecommerce

Google Academy has for a limited time offered a new course focused entirely on analysing data from Google Analytics for ecommerce businesses. Always ready to hone our analytics skills, we’ve all [...]

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